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Firecracker Coral

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Family:  Crassulaceae

Origin: Mexico

The Size: 12 inches tall and 3 inches wide

Temperature & Humidity:  As suggested by its name, these plants like hot, sunny locations. They are not cold-hardy and must be brought indoors if you live in areas with cold winters. Otherwise, they can be planted yearly as annuals. Because these succulents are native to semi-desert areas, low to medium humidity is preferred. Too much moisture can cause rot.

Lightning:  The Mexican firecracker is naturally found in full sun environments. However, in very hot climates it is best to shade these succulents from the direct afternoon sun. Such intense light can burn the leaves. This is true for indoor Mexican firecrackers as well. During the winter months when the sun is a bit more scarce, south-facing windows are ideal. If the Mexican firecracker is not getting enough light, they will take on a leggy appearance.

The Soil:  Well-draining, sandy soil is key to the health of Mexican firecracker plants. Cactus and succulent mix is a great choice for a soil medium when using these plants in containers. You can also make your own mix by combining potting soil and perlite or sand in equal amounts.

Watering:  Be sure not to overwater your Mexican firecracker, as trapped water or soggy soil can cause root rot. Allow the soil to completely dry out between watering sessions. Once the soil is dry, these plants like deep, thorough watering. If your Mexican firecracker is in a pot, water until it drains out the bottom of the pot. 

Fertilizer: These plants thrive in sandy, semi-desert conditions where nutrients are not plentiful. Therefore, fertilizing is not needed often. In fact, too much fertilizer can harm the Mexican firecracker. 

Reproduction: Mexican firecrackers can easily be propagated using cuttings from the leaf, stem, or an offset.

Transfer: Spring or early summer are the best times to repot this succulent. You will know when it is time to repot once the foliage has no room to spread or is spilling over the edges of the pot. 
Features of Care: Caring for Mexican firecrackers is simple and requires little maintenance if these colorful succulents are given the right environment. It's important to place them in well-draining soil, avoid overwatering, and ensure adequate sunlight