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Life Form: Shrub, tree

Family: Pittosporaceae

Origin: China, Japan

Ease of Cultivation: Easy to grow plant

The Size: In a pot up to 1 m in height, further growth is limited by regular pruning.

Growth: Pittosporum stems are lengthened annually by several centimetres.

Lifespan: Perennial plant

Humidity: Not so important. It is desirable to spray the plant regularly to remove dust from the leaves.

Lightning: Bright diffused light. Especially important is the lighting for variegated forms. Pittosporum can grow in the shade, but the colour of its leaves becomes uniformly green. In bright light, pittosporum leaves are twisted.

The Soil: Ready ground is a suitable general-purpose, pittosporum is not very picky about the soil. For a soil of own preparation take:   1 part peat and 1 part garden soil and one part coarse sand. Good drainage is required.

Watering: Water abundantly, once a week in the summer. The soil should dry slightly before the next watering. In winter, water no more often than every 8-12 days, but do not allow complete drying of the soil.

Fertilizer: From spring to autumn liquid balanced fertilizer once a month. It responds well to fertilizing with organic fertilizer.

Bloom: Blossoms in the spring with white fragrant flowers in corymbose inflorescences.

Features of Care: In spring, pruning of stretched shoots are required. 

Difficulties: Affects spider mites, mealybug. The disappearance of the white spots on the leaves variegated varieties may indicate a lack of light or an excess of nitrogen in the soil. Falling off the lower leaves is a natural process that occurs as the plant grows up. The edges of the leaves dry up, the leaves turn yellow and curl from too bright light (mostly in variegated forms). When there is a lack of lighting, the stems are stretched, and the leaves grow shallow and lighten.