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Life Form: Herbaceous, ampel, liana

Family: Araceae

Origin: Tropical regions of Southeast Asia, Solomon Islands, Malay Archipelago, Indonesia

Ease of Cultivation: Very easy to grow a plant

The Size: At home, it can reach a length of up to 4.5 meters

Growth: It grows quite quickly: up to 30-46 cm per year

Lifespan: Perennial plants

Temperature: In the summer: 64,4-75,2 ° F. In winter it is better to keep the temperature at least 55,4-60,8 ° F

Humidity: It is preferable to maintain a humidity of about 60%. In the summer it is better to spray at least 3 times a week (or better every day), in winter it should be kept away from the radiators and periodically wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. It is also useful to spray the supports to which the plants are attached and keep the pots in the pan with wet claydite. Although the plant is fairly stable, high humidity conditions will ensure its optimal growth.

Lightning: It prefers scattered light and adapts to penumbra, it is possible to grow at a distance of 0.5-2 m from a brightly lit window. However, under the conditions of shading, the color of the leaves becomes less variegated, and the size is smaller.

The Soil: For the soil of own preparation, take: 1 part of sod land, 1 part of coarse-grained sand or perlite, 3 parts of leaf land. Either – 1 part sod, 1 part humus, 1 part peat land, 1/2 sand. Always use a pot with a hole.

Watering: In spring and summer, water once in 4-5 days with warm water at room temperature, in winter – no more than once in 7-8 days. The soil between the watering should gently dry out from above

Fertilizer: In spring and summer, once a month, liquid fertilizer in half the concentration

Reproduction: Very easily multiply by apical cuttings bearing at least two leaves. The stalk is planted in a mixture of peat and moss. Root at a temperature of 68-71,6 ° F, covering the container with glass or polyethene. The easiest way is to propagate a plant by rooting cuttings in spring water.

Bloom: Cob with a veil 5-6 cm in length, the house almost does not bloom, flowers do not have much value.

Features of Care: Scindapsus poorly tolerates the effects of gas combustion products and does not like drafts. Usually requires support, the moss-covered pole is best suited. The plant can be cut in spring. To form a bushy shape, shoots are cut in spring in half their length.