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Life Form: Grassy, ​​bush

Family: Araceae

Origin: East Africa: Tanzania, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique

Ease of Cultivation: Easy

The Size: At home around to 1.6 m

Growth: 2-3 sheets per year

Lifespan: Perennial

Temperature: In summer: up to 84,2 ° F, in winter it is better to maintain a temperature of about 60,8 ° F.

Humidity: Irrelevant

Lightning: It is desirable to have an eastern, western window. You can southern. Easily tolerates shading, but growth slows down.

The Soil: Loose soil with the addition of sand and perlite. 1 part of the garden soil, 1 part of coarse sand or perlite, 1 part of wet peat or humus (sheet form) and light lime dust. Always use a pot with a hole and drainage.

Watering: Very mild, once a week in the summer, up to 1-2 times a month in the winter.

Fertilizer: During growth, fertilize once a week

Reproduction: A whole sheet or a separate sheet of plate

Bloom: Cob with a veil, rarely blooms, flowers do not have much value

Transfer: Every year in April

Features of Care: Do not fill and keep warm

Difficulties: It can be affected by scabbards. If several lower leaves are opal, then this is a natural phenomenon that occurs with age. If the loss of leaves is massive, this is due to insufficient watering. Leaves and nodules rot – the most common cause of plant death due to excessive moisture and heavy soil. The leaves are soft and have dark spots due to low temperatures and drafts.